Hello, World!

I am Kevin Montoya, a college senior with a keen interest in Data Applications, Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. I am truly passionate when these domains intersect, but anything involving a technological aspect captivates me.

This is my personal web page. Initially was designed with the intention of serving as a portfolio, but as I worked on it, I decided to make it a little more special. Definitely Web Design is not my biggest skill... but this is me trying!


B.S. in Data Science and Mathematics Engineering
My studies began in August 2020, I anticipate graduating sometime in June 2024.

At the home campus in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. I have been involved in several courses that cover a range of subjects, from Data Science: specializing in both Machine Learning and Deep Learning, some Statistical Analysis... All the way to Cryptography and Cybersecurity.

I am deeply enthusiastic about learning, attending school is unique and I would love to keep expanding my academic profile, but I like it better when I put my knowledge into practice and start building ideas.

The work I have done

Since August 2023, I have been immersed in crafting infrastructure solutions for the Artificial Intelligence department. I designed and developed a complete microservice architecture, built upon Kubernetes in the cloud, featuring GPU-intensive applications and OpenAI solutions with secure connections. Additionally, I have deployed databases and monitoring systems, managing resources using infrastructure as code to handle staging and production environments.

From February to June 2023, I had to oportunity to participate in an internship with the Processes & IT department at Prague, CZ.

I was responsible of architecting and developing a new cross-selling engine for one of the company's business lines. I would like to tell you more, but you always have stay to loyal to those papers.


I could not deal with the fact that to change a conda environment inside Neovim I had to restart the editor. I wrote a plugin to solve this in all conda compatible shells. For me, one of the greatest things about software is the culture. I made this project public so others can benefit from it and help me improve this task.

Company & Devotion

This is a space for my friends. Today I am surrounded by incredible people who share kindness, passion and talent in what they do. Thank you for having influentiated the way I think, express and create. Learning from each one of you is a gift, and I would always love to keeping doing so.

There are some faces missing! I swear I will make them as soon as possible. I would also like to add my parents, but I am not sure if they would like to be online.

The end

Bye for now! Send me a postcard, drop me a line or contact me on the social addresses I listed below if you are interested in anything of which I do. You can always find me in the internet as kmontocam and it will be my pleasure to help and contribute in what I can (or if it is just to talk about some interesting techie stuff, I am always down too).